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    Ah yes. Recycling Jesus.
    The premise is simple. Steal DNA from the Shroud of Turin. Decode it. Use it to build a new Jesus. And they might have gotten away with it they hadn't murdered the head of security. Even so, will the Recycled Jesus just be a human look-a-like, or will the new Jesus share in the God powers of the original?
    And maybe that doesn't matter. In selling Jesus, it's the perception that counts. Please click on the book cover to learn more about it.

[<e n Snack Book Cover]
Cover by Barbara Moran

[<e n Snack Book Cover]

Cover by Timothy O'Neil

    Me and Snack McGhee. Chance Dugan–retired at 33 and living on board a semi-derelict boat, Chicago, and his more-brother-than-a-brother, Snack McGhee, characters from If They Ask for A Hand, are back, and although this is not a sequel, they are once again caught up in adventures beyond their control, experiencing mayhem, murder, love and laughter. Please click on the book cover to learn more about it.

    The Faltese Malcom is obviously a take off on The Maltese Falcon. Within its pages you'll find adventure, love, laughter, hard-boiled mystery, and a walk on the fantasy side with time travel.
    It's Harry Potter for adults.
    Please click on the book cover to see the blurb and read a couple of chapters. There are also some neat facts I built in to tell the story that you can check out in a section called After Words.
[A4H Book Cover]

[CC Book Cover]

    Capitol Coven is a mystery thriller that obviously takes place in Washington, D. C. Fast paced from the time Alex steps out of a closet in Elfy Cane's bedroom to find the stark-naked lady with a gun locked in her hands, until she ends up as an unwilling attendee at a Satanic Coven ceremony with Alex trying to figure a way to get them both out alive. If you ever wondered why Congress is so screwed up, maybe it would be a good time to click on the book cover to find out more about it.

    When a public garage locked up for the night, with Chance Dugan's car inside, with his wallet locked inside the car, he meets the lovely Natti Moon who offers to put him up for the night.     What's not to like?     Except it turned into a week from hell, with both Chance and Natti, assisted by his buddy, Snack MgGhee, on the lam from competing government agencies who are out to do them in.     Then one of the agencies recognizes it needs Chance's help, and asks him for a hand. He only offers them a finger. Please check on the book cover to find out more about it. [A4H Book Cover]
[CC Book Cover]

Most books on writing are hard to read. Does that make sense? So the challenge is, open any page of Easy Reading Writing, easy reading about writing easy reading, and start reading. If you're having difficlty doing so, put it back. It means I don't know what I'm talking about. Click on the cover. Read a couple of chapters. Also, at the same place, check out the free newsletter, BookMarc, adventures in fiction writing.
There are five books and one novella in the Elderhostel® Mystery series. James P. Dandy and his lady love, Dodee Swisher, meet up on the first one and arrange to meet up on the rest. These were labor intensive to write because: each Elderhostel® contains a lesson and I had to present that in an interesting way; I had to show the camaraderie that takes place on an Elderhostel® then there is the travelogue for each one takes place at a different local; and of course the love store of Jim and Dodee; and finally the mystery itself. To check them out, please click on the cover. [A4H Book Cover]

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