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Vol. 2   Up In The Air   (working on Vol. 3)
    Come to Spyglass House, where time and space and shifting dimensions meet, and I'll take you on an adventure into 1938, fly you to Europe in the luxury of the great dirigible, Hindenburg, still alive in this alternate world. But you'll have to hang out with Rex Barney as he fights the Nazis–Heil Hitler, Mickey Mouse--tries to squirrel an Enigma Coding Machine out of Warsaw, and race the Gestapo across Crazy-land in old timey cars, hoping to escape on the Pan American Clipper. Oh, and joining the exclusive Six Hundred Foot High Club is in the offing.
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Vol. 1  The Jewels of Norpur
    Come with me to Spyglass House where time and space and alternate dimensions meet, and I'll open a door for you to the exotic land of Indjia, full of elephants, snake charmers, and square-rigger sailing ships, where the third son the Maharaja of Donjobi has stolen the royal jewels, and where two larcenous and licentious ladies plan to re-steal the gems and make the long train ride aboard the Norpur Express an adventure most... interesting.
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Cover by Preston Ford

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Spiritual Poems

    While my novels are all slightly irreverent, my poems are mostly spiritual, albeit with a lot of humor. Every Monday morning I output a poem to some 800-900 people to hopefully cheer their day. You are welcome to join the list, free of course, and easy to delist. Please check this out and review a sampling of the poems by clicking on the cover.

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    Please click on my dorky picture to find out about my other novels: Me and Snack McGhee; Capitol Coven; The Faltese Malcom; If They Ask for a Hand, Only Give Them a Finger; fast-paced action stories, heavy on humor, with whispers of romance.

Most books on writing are hard to read. Does that make sense? I invite you to click here on [Easy Ready Writing], easy reading about writing easy reading, to check out the challenge.

    One Act Play.    Headquarters, my one act play dealing with death and resurrection, lots of laughs, was performed by NTP at the Maryland One Act Play fesival and was chosen to go on and compete at the ESTA Original Works Festival. Please enail me--peter@ this web page, if you wish more information.


Why Sidewalk Books?
      Well, if you ask any artist, they will tell you that they would continue painting whether anyone bought their canvasses or not. The same goes for actors. I saw an interview with actor Dustin Hoffman and he said that if he had not become a movie star, he believes he would still be out there today trying to scratch out a living as an actor. Because that's what he does. Likewise musicians. Likewise writers.

      The difference is that, in the worse case scenario, an actor can find expression in little theater and amateur drama groups that exist all over the county. An unrecognized painter can have a one man show by setting up his canvasses on a sidewalk. A musician can sing and entertain on a street corner. All creative artists need the collaboration of an audience to interpret the vision of their imagination.

      A writer, too, needs an audience, a reader to build his words into imaginary worlds. However, a writer can't paste pages of his novel up on a wall in the hope someone will come along and go from page to page reading them. For a writer to receive validation he needs to be published. But in seeking publication, he is not simply competing with someone across the street or down the corner, he is competing with the whole damn country, perhaps the world, and whether he gets published or not often depends less upon the skill of the writer than upon the caprice of an editor or an agent. Or whether he has a name like Paris Hilton.

      While I have five published Elderhostel® Mysteries and a published non-fiction book, Easy Reading Writing, the dynamics of the publishing world changed a few years back, and many mid-list authors hit a brick wall.

      Well, along came Create Space and Podiobooks.com. This intersection is my street corner. Create Space is a subsidiary of Amazon.com and allows my books to be printed as trade paperbacks, the quality of which surprised and pleased me. The only problem, I had to do everything myself, setup, editing, cover design, but on the upside, I controlled everything. The books are then available on Creat Space and Amazon. Podiobooks.com, allows to record and upload my books and gives them space where they are easily available downloading to computer or iPod. And since I recorded for Podiobooks, I made them available to order on CDs myself. So, while I might not make a lot money at it, if you read or listen to my novels, and you enjoy them, your collaboration with me in completing this novel will validate my writing. It's my belief you'll have a fun time doing so. Welcome to Sidewalk Books.

      And thank you for visiting my web site.

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